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  • Scientific Program and Brill Library Film Series

    Screening/ Discussion of "Shock Head Soul"

    Friday, November 8, 2013
    7:00 PM

    The Scientific Program Committee and Friends of the Abraham A. Brill Library present a film screening and discussion of Shock Head Soul.

    Panel participants include Helen Taylor Robinson, who developed the concept of the film with Simon Pummell, and distinguished psychiatrists Dr. Harold Blum, Dr. Zvi Lothane and Dr. Clive Robinson, who appears in the film.

    Richard Gottlieb will moderate the discussion.

    $10 donation

    New York Psychoanalytic Society & Institute
    247 East 82nd Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues)
    The Marianne & Nicholas Young Auditorium

    In 1903, Daniel Paul Schreber published Memoirs of my Nervous Illness, an autobiography of madness. Freud’s subsequent case study of Schreber (1911) is part of the history of psychoanalysis in relation to the psychoses. Shock Head Soul weaves documentary interviews, fictional re-construction and computer generated animation to portray Schreber’s story.

    Schreber, a judge living in Germany, received messages from God via a ‘Writing Down Machine’ that spanned the cosmos. He spent the next nine years confined to an asylum, tortured by delusions of cosmic control, suffering the belief that he was shifting gender and that his body was subjected to cruel ‘miracles’.

    Shock Head Soul is both a love story and a cinematic essay that explores the blurred line between religious vision and deluded fanaticism. The film also suggests the intimate link between family secrets, psychiatric diagnosis, and the limits to our contemporary understanding of mental illness.
    HAROLD BLUM, M.D. is Training and Supervising Analyst, Institute for Psychoanalytic Education, which is affiliated with New York University School of Medicine. He is also Executive Director, Sigmund Freud Archives. Blum is a distinguished author of more than 165 papers and several books and has presented numerous national and international honorary lectures on the topics of Freud, Hartmann, Mahler and Brill. He has held the positions of Editor in Chief, Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association and Vice President, International Psychoanalytical Association. Dr. Blum is the inaugural recipient of the Sigourney Award.

    RICHARD M. GOTTLIEB, M.D. is a Faculty Member, New York Psychoanalytic Society & Institute (NYPSI) where he has long taught the courses on Freud’s case histories. He is Associate Editor for Clinical Studies of the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association (JAPA); Associate Clinical Professor, Mount Sinai School of Medicine; Training and Supervising Analyst, American Psychoanalytic Association; and he is the founding President of Berkshire Psychoanalytic Institute. He is the recipient of NYPSI’s Heinz Hartmann Award, the Edith Sabshin Teaching Award of APsaA, and the Journal Prize of JAPA.

    HENRY (ZVI) LOTHANE, M.D., maintains a private practice in psychoanalysis, psychosomatics, and psychotherapy as well as being Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Lothane is the acclaimed author of In Defense of Schreber: Soul Murder and Psychiatry (The Analytic Press, 1992). He has also authored historical research papers on the life and work of Sabina Spielrein. Dr. Lothane is Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association; Member of American Psychoanalytic Association and Member of International Psychoanalytical Association where he is also Chair of the IPA Free Association (Psychoanalytic Method Integration Research Group).

    SIMON PUMMELL is a filmmaker who is best known for the feature documentary, BAFTA award winning, BODYSONG (2004). From 2007-2009 Pummell was a visiting professor in Visual & Environmental Studies at Harvard and worked there on the screenplay of Shock Head Soul, which premiered at the Venice and London BFI Film Festivals (2011), and then, with its accompanying art installation, The Sputnik Effect was shown at the International Rotterdam Film festival (2012). Pummell is currently working on a new film in London and Holland, where he is Research Professor and Director of the Media Design & Communication Programme, at the Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam University.

    CLIVE ROBINSON, MRCPsych (Member, Royal College of Psychiatrists), studied Psychology and Medicine at University College London and afterwards trained in Psychiatry. His clinical experience includes working with patients and families of patients with psychotic mental illness such as depression, mania, and schizophrenia. Dr. Robinson spent five years as Medical Director of a Community and Mental Health NHS Trust, and is now involved in investigating serious clinical incidents in Mental Health Services in the UK.

    HELEN TAYLOR ROBINSON, B.A., is a Fellow of Institute of Psychoanalysis, London, and was an Honorary Senior Lecturer in Theoretical Psychoanalytic Studies University College London. She contributes to the UK EPFF events at BAFTA, and has published on Samuel Beckett, (The Couch and the Silver Screen, 2003), Jan Svankmajer, (Projected Shadows, 2007), Krzysztof Kieslowski (Psychoanalytic Inquiry Vol. 27, no 4, 2007), and on Psychoanalysis and the Media (Contemporary Psychoanalysis Vol. 46, No 2, 2010). In Shock Head Soul, Mrs. Taylor Robinson worked with the film’s director in the development of the concept of the film. She is currently preparing a new 12 volume collected writings of D.W. Winnicott for the Winnicott Trust with Dr. L. Caldwell.

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guidance • support • stress • anxiety • depression • conflict • hyperactivity • identity disorders • socialization • self-esteem •
guidance • support • stress • anxiety • depression • conflict • hyperactivity • identity disorders • socialization • self-esteem •