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  • Advanced Seminar in Child and Adolescent Analysis

    Advanced Seminar in Child and Adolescent Analysis

    Thursday, December 8, 2016
    8:00 PM

    Presenter: Gabrielle Silver, M.D.
    Discussant: Karen Gilmore, M.D.

    "Watch Me!" Understanding and the loss of understanding in a supervised child analytic case

    In this seminar, Gabrielle Silver will present case material from the analysis of a young school age child. During the early stages of treatment the child's need to be watched and understood evolved revealing deficits in her experience of reflective functioning, self object differentiation, and reality fantasy exploration. During treatment a breakdown in the patient-analyst rapport occurred. Through the supervisor-supervisee work, this connection was explored and restored. Further exploration of transference and the watched state will be discussed by Dr. Gilmore.

    2 CME/ CE credits offered

    FREE. Members and candidates of Columbia, IPE and NYPSI are welcome. Child candidates are expected to attend.

    New York Psychoanalytic Society & Institute
    247 East 82nd Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues)
    The Marianne & Nicholas Young Auditorium

    Gabrielle Silver, M.D. is an analyst and graduate of NYPSI, as well as Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College, Payne Whitney. After graduating from the Triple board training program in Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry, which she began at Brown and completed at Mt. Sinai, she came to Cornell to work with Ted Shapiro in the Infancy Fellowship. She has continued to work with him and with Barbara Milrod on the efficacy studies of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for children and adults with Panic and Anxiety disorders. From 2006 - Oct. 2014 she was Director of the Pediatric Psychiatry Consultation Liaison Service. Through her work there she has developed research with her colleagues in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. She developed the Cornell Assessment of Pediatric Delirium, or the CAPD, a screening tool for nurses to detect delirium which has become the clinically recommended tool for use in Pediatric Critical Care. She continues to work collaboratively to develop an evidence base for children with delirium, with Chani Traube at Cornell, and in the treatment of severely ill children and their parents with Dr. Julia Kearney at MSKCC. She is currently a candidate at NYPSI in the Child and Adolescent Training Program and is grateful to Karen Gilmore for her supervision and guidance. She is married with three children. Her step-son is a senior at UW Madison, and her 10 and 13 year old daughters attend Kinneret Day School.

    Karen Gilmore, M.D. is currently Senior Consultant at the Columbia Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research. She served as Director of the Child Division at the Center for 15 years. She is a Training and Supervising Analyst at Columbia. She is also Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia.

    Dr. Gilmore has published a number of papers on a range of clinical topics, such as play, developmental theory, adoption, sexual development and gender identity disorder, and attention deficit disorder. She authored a chapter in the new edition of the Textbook of Psychoanalysis, entitled “Childhood experience and the adult world” and co-authored the chapter “Normal Child and Adolescent Development” for the Textbook of Psychiatry. She is co-author with Pamela Meersand of Normal Child and Adolescent Development: A Psychodynamic Primer and the Little Book of Child and Adolescent Development. A book on play therapy is due out in 2017.

guidance • support • stress • anxiety • depression • conflict • hyperactivity • identity disorders • socialization • self-esteem •
guidance • support • stress • anxiety • depression • conflict • hyperactivity • identity disorders • socialization • self-esteem •
guidance • support • stress • anxiety • depression • conflict • hyperactivity • identity disorders • socialization • self-esteem •